November, 9 2017
EPA Approves New Tekken Fungicide

October 27, 2017
EPA Approves Kabuto® Fungicide SC for Spring Dead Spot

October 18, 2017
PBI-Gordon Extends End-User EOP for Hurricane-Affected Areas

October 2, 2017
PBI-Gordon Celebrates 70 Years

June 28, 2017
PBI-Gordon Clarifies Azatrol Use in Oregon

April 21, 2017
Young Joins PBI-Gordon

February 20, 2017
Brian Aynardi joins PBI-Gordon Research Team

February 7, 2017
Avenue South Available for Southern Golf Courses

February 1, 2017
PBI-Gordon, Kumiai and Ihara Partner on New Active Ingredient

September 23,  2016
Rieck Joins PBI-Gordon

September, 1 2016
PBI-Gordon Announces 2017 Early Order Program

August 22, 2016
Avenue South registered for use in California

June 1, 2016
PBI-Gordon Announces 2(ee) Recommendation for
Surge® Doveweed Control

May 26, 2016
PBI-Gordon Announces New Position for Loecke

May 2, 2016
PBI-Gordon Promotes Obermann

July 29, 2015
A Day of Service for PBI-Gordon

June 22, 2015 -
IARC Cancer Classification at Odds with Health and Safety Regulators Worldwide

April 30, 2015
PBI-Gordon and Ishihara Sangyo Kaisha Announce Kabuto Fungicide SC Agreement

August 27,  2014
PBI-Gordon Adds New Sales Rep

July 31, 2014
PBI-Gordon Goes to Washington

July 21, 2014
PBI-Gordon Adds New Sales Rep in Midwest Territory

April 2, 2014
PBI-Gordon to take over as supplier of Segway® Fungicide SC

February 3, 2014
PBI-Gordon introduces WeedAlert mobile app

November 4, 2013
PBI-Gordon announces early order incentive rebate programs for Zylam® 20SG and Zylam® Liquid products

October 23, 2013
PBI-Gordon launches new GordonsProfessional.com website for professional chemical audience and sets segmented online strategy

October 23, 2013
PBI-Gordon announces Katana® Turf Herbicide Early Order and Bundle Bonus Program

August 2, 2013
PBI-Gordon Goes to Washington

May 1, 2013
PBI-Gordon's Katana® Turf Herbicide Receives Expanded EPA Registration for Sports Turf and Residential Spot Treatment

November 28, 2012
ZYLAM® Liquid Insecticide from PBI-Gordon Receives California Registration

November 13,  2012
PBI-Gordon Receives New York Registration for Q4® Plus Turf Herbicide

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