Tupersan® Herbicide Wettable Powder provides pre-emergent control of listed weeds in newly seeded or established plantings of Kentucky bluegrass, smooth bromegrass, perennial ryegrass and fescues, and many cultivars of bentgrass. Tupersan delivers highly effective control of smooth and large crabgrass, downy brome, foxtail, and barnyardgrass.

Tupersan is labeled for use on sod farms, as well as golf courses (aprons, fairways, greens, and tees), ornamental turfgrass and lawns, parks, sports facilities, and roadsides. It can be mixed with seed, fertilizer, and mulch, and is ideal for spot treating smaller areas where fertilizer is not needed.

  • • Provides dependable crabgrass control
  • • Is labeled for use on bentgrass greens
  • • Is formulated for use on sod farms, parks, sports facilities, and roadsides
  • • Can be applied over newly seeded or established listed grassess

Contains: Siduron
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