Mecomec? 4

Mecomec® 4 Turf Herbicide provides effective control of listed broadleaf weeds in ornamental turfgrasses, including creeping bentgrass and Kentucky bluegrass. Formulated for use in closely mowed turf such as golf greens and fairways, Mecomec 4 controls red and white clover, common and mouse-ear chickweed, plantain, ground ivy, and other listed broadleaf weeds.

Mecomec 4 can be added to other broadleaf herbicides to enhance control of clover and other weeds that are not controlled by 2,4-D or MCPA alone.

Mecomec 4:
  • • Controls listed broadleaf weeds
  • • Is formulated for use in fine turfgrasses, golf greens and fairways
  • • Can be mixed with other broadleaf herbicides for enhanced control

Contains: MCPP
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