GlyphoMate? 41

GlyphoMate® 41 Weed & Grass Killer plus Aquatic Herbicide is a nonselective, post-emergent herbicide that provides excellent control of more than 200 listed grassy and broadleaf weeds. Featuring a built-in surfactant and labeled for both aquatic and terrestrial use, GlyphoMate 41 is ideal for weed control in and around ponds and lakes, and in landscape and renovation areas.

GlyphoMate 41 controls weeds that have emerged above the water line in aquatic areas, and there is no restriction on the use of treated water for irrigation, recreation, or domestic purposes. GlyphoMate 41 controls many winter annual weeds and grasses, and is ideal for spring bermudagrass release. It?s rain-fast in 8 hours, and you can reseed immediately or after 7 days if tillage is necessary.

GlyphoMate 41:
  • • Provides non-selective control of over 200 tough weeds, grass and brush species
  • • Is labeled for both aquatic and terrestrial weed and grass control
  • • Contains surfactant
  • • Is ideal for edging, turf renovations, aquatic sites and many other approved uses
  • • Tightly binds to soil particles preventing movement
  • • Is rain-fast in 8 hours; Reseed immediately or after 7 days if tillage is necessary

Active Ingredient: Glyphosate

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