BOV-A-MURA® Nutrient Supplement 5-0-0 is made through a process that converts dairy manure to a soluble, consistent, and easy-to-use spray formulation. Manure from selected dairy farms is filtered, blended, and stabilized into a uniform solution, then treated to make it acceptable for use on fine turfgrasses.

By providing nitrogen and natural organic matter, BOV-A-MURA stimulates microorganisms and helps overcome the immobilization of applied nutrients in the soil. It can improve the establishment of seeded, plugged, sprigged, or sodded turfgrass, and BOV-A-MURA is an excellent supplement to a maintenance fertilizer in established turf.

BOV-A-MURA enhances good turf and soil management programs, and is used on the finest championship golf courses, racetracks, sports fields, grass tennis courts, and other fine turf areas.

  • • Promotes root length
  • • Helps strengthen turf
  • • Supports soil microorganism development
  • • Speeds "knitting-down" of new sod
  • • Helps establishment of newly seeded, plugged, or sprigged turfgrass
  • • Helps mobilize nutrients into useable plant food

Contains Manure Extract
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