FeRROMEC® AC Liquid Iron is a sprayable formulation containing iron combined with nitrogen and sulfur designed to produce a rapid turf green-up. The urea in FeRROMEC AC carries the iron sulfate into the plant quickly and efficiently. The urea and iron sulfate quickly break down after being absorbed by the plant to produce rapid green-up.

Regular applications of FeRROMEC AC ensure a continuous supply of iron to help prevent and correct chlorosis resulting from iron deficiencies. It can be applied repeatedly to enhance the dark green color in turf without encouraging the excessive growth associated with heavy use of nitrogen.

FeRROMEC AC is formulated to enhance long-term stability with amine-based herbicides and fertilizers. It?s compatible with most commonly used herbicides, pesticides, fertilizers, and fungicides, and is labeled for use on listed northern and southern turf grasses, shrubs, and trees.

  • • Promotes rapid plant green-up
  • • Compatible with amine formulations of herbicides
  • • Corrects iron chlorosis
  • • Economical and easy to apply
  • • Non-burning when used per label directions

Contains: Iron, Nitrogen, Sulfur
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