Spray Colorant

Gordon?s® Spray Colorant is a concentrated, water-soluble, temporary colorant that gives liquid spray solutions a highly visible blue color. Designed for use in landscape settings, lawns, nurseries, cemeteries, golf courses, athletic fields, and parks, Spray Colorant indicates spray solution pattern, drift, and accuracy in spray applications.

Spray Colorant will not permanently stain sidewalks, headstones, painted surfaces, and most other decorative inorganic surfaces. Spray Colorant is packaged in one-gallon containers for ease of mixing and handling.

Spray Colorant:
  • • Dissolves quickly in water
  • • Imparts a highly visible blue color to spray solutions
  • • Eliminates staining of hands and equipment associated with liquid dyes
  • • Photodecomposes and dissipates rapidly
  • • Rinses easily from painted surfaces, granite, and other inorganic surfaces

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