BK 800

BK 800 is a low-volatile ester herbicide that delivers excellent control of hard-to-kill brush and broadleaf weeds, including ash, aspen, brambles, kudzu, and other brush and broadleaf weeds as listed. A Trimec® herbicide complex, BK 800 controls unwanted vegetation without risk to desirable cool-season grasses when used as directed as a foliar spray.

BK 800 can be mixed with oil and applied with backpack and hand-pressurized pump sprayers to cut stumps and stubs. Mixed with water, it may be applied as a foliar spot treatment, or applied as a broadcast spray to control broadleaf weeds in turfgrass. BK 800 is ideal for use on non-cropland sites including fencerows, highway and railroad rights-of-way, industrial sites, barrier strips, and firebreaks.

BK 800:
  • • Kills unwanted trees, vines and broadleaf weeds as listed
  • • Is labeled for cool-season turfgrasses other than bentgrass
  • • Is ideal in oil mixtures for backpack or hand-pressurized sprayers
  • • Offers year-round application flexibility
  • • Is cost-effective used alone or in tank mixtures

Active ingredients: 2,4-D, 2,4-DP-p, dicamba
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