Hi-Dep? IVM

Hi-Dep®IVM Broadleaf Herbicide is a patented mixed-amine formulation designed for high deposition and increased residency time. It delivers excellent control of more than 120 tough listed brush and broadleaf weeds, including multiflora rose, buckbrush, Canada thistle, velvetleaf, cocklebur, morning glory, and field bindweed.

A low-cost, low-odor weed control option, Hi-Dep IVM resists crystallization and holds the droplet size after it leaves the nozzle, creating a high deposition characteristic that allows increased leaf penetration and absorption. Hi-Dep moves down to the roots, preventing regrowth and new shoots, even on plants with thick or waxy cuticles or hairy leaf surfaces.

Hi-Dep IVM:
  • • Formulated for low-volume aerial or ground applications
  • • Controls more than 120 listed broadleaf weeds
  • • Resists crystallization for more thorough absorption
  • • Provides low-cost, low-odor weed control
  • • Can be used on non-cropland sites such as roadsides and rights-of-way

Contains: 2,4-D (DMA), 2,4-D (DEA)
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